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Oscar Zambrano

Chief Engineer - New York, NY

Oscar is an award-winning Mastering and Mixing engineer who has over ten years of experience working with multi-platinum artists, film and television program creators, and multi-national companies. Whether he is working on Broadway’s An American In Paris, Marc Anthony, David Bustamante, Victoria’s, a new pop artist, or an indie sitcom, he will bring his expertise to take your project to its highest potential. In 2005 Oscar and Jorge Castellanos founded Zampol Productions and have been in charge since.


Alex Venguer

Recording & Mix Engineer - New York, NY

Alex is a Grammy Award-winning engineer who has worked on projects with the likes of Sting, John Legend, Juan Luis Guerra, Regina Spektor, Rufus Wainwright and many others. As part of Zampol Productions, Alex brings his experience and know-how to every project he works on regardless if it’s a major label project or a starting indie band.


Daniel Alba

Recording, Mix Engineer & Producer. - New York, NY

Daniel is an award nominated, multi-genre prolific engineer and producer who has worked with many local and international clients as well as major labels such as Universal Records and Sony Music. Some of his major credits include the Cettina Donato’s Big Band Jazz recording "Crescendo", Vasuda Sharma’s "Attuned Spirits", The Grossmalerman Show, and many others. Daniel, also is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music who brings not only a technical side to his work but also does it with a very musical approach.

Mike Levey

Composer / Producer - New York, NY

Mike (a.k.a. Mass Mega) is a prolific composer, performer, and producer whose diverse catalog includes work with Tito Puente, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Mos Def, Chuck D, CSI, Miami Ink, Volkswagen, Sony, Visa, and many others. Due to his vast experience, Mike is an invaluable member of Zampol.

Brad Leigh

Recording, Mix Engineer - New York, NY

Multi Platinum engineer Brad Leigh is a recording engineer/mixer who has worked in the New York studio scene for over 2 decades. Beginning his career at Phil Ramone’s A&R Recording Studios at the peak of the music industry. Brad was trained and mentored by the legendary Ramone for 8 years. Recording many Platinum and Gold albums for artists such as Billy Joel, Paul Simon, and Julian Lennon. As a freelance engineer Brad has continued to work with top-flight producers including, Jimmy Iovine, Russ Titleman, and Davitt Sigerson and David Kahne. Recording and mixing projects for the like of, Tracy Chapman, Five For Fighting, Joe Jackson, Carly Simon, and Widespread Panic.